Toward a new interpretation of Roman art - Course of 12 lectures | Antonio Corso

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This book aims at giving a new presentation of Roman art, illustrating the various currents which are the background of visual cultures in the period from 2nd century BC until AD 5th century.

The strong impact of Greek art of the classical period received the due emphasis, as well as the nostalgia for the good old times of the glory that was Greece.

At the same time, the flourishing of an art of pleasure is explained. The taste for ruins, the growing appreciation for the white appearances of surfaces in marble and the passage from an art of artists to an anonymous one are also outlined.

Thus these essays hopefully provide an explanation o a complex period with many layouts which coexist and interact in a pluralistic society.

Toward a new interpretation of Roman art - Course of 12 lectures. Antonio Corso. GRECOBOOKS. 2022. 368 pages. ISBN: 

Antonio Corso

Antonio Corso

Antonio Corso attended his studies in classics and in archaeology at Padua, Athens, Frankfurt and London.

He published 190 scientific works which include 14 books and several tens of articles in prestigious periodicals and acts of conferences.

His main specialization is in classical Greek art, especially sculpture, but he studied and wrote a lot also about the continuity of Greek visual arts in the Roman and Byzantine worlds.

He was awarded prestigious fellowships by renowned academic institutions such as the German Archaeological Institute, the British Academy, the European Institutes for Advanced Study (at Budapest), the Onassis foundation, etc.

He delivered papers in many important conferences and was visiting professor in Universities at Moscow and at Nicosia.

His oeuvre is cited around 600 times every year by other scholars.