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The crisis in Greece has had systemic percussions and it has triggered responses both in the institutional and grassroots level. The basis of the economic pyramid has widened dramatically and the institutions of the collective organization of entrepreneurship have come to re-establish their relevance for cohesion, employability and entrepreneurship.

This volume is a systematic attempt to present and analyze the parametric attributes of the newly introduced laws on rural cooperatives and the social economy in Greece in a universal context: social, economic and institutional. It contains an up to date outlook of the relevant juridical texts: Law 4384/2016 on Rural Cooperatives and Law 4430/2016 on Social and Solidarity Economy; it presents the latest statistical depiction of the rural cooperatives' and social economy sector in Greece; and expands on a wide field research bringing onto the surface the voices of the actual key-players of the two prospectively -and hopefully- converging fields.


RURAL COOPERATIVES AND THE SOCIAL ECONOMY - Social Innovation as an Antidote to the Greek Crisis. Ioannis NASIOULAS & Michael FEFES. Social Economy Institute. 2017



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